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Editing is about crafting emotion through rhythm; be it visual, musical or conversational. From feature-length films to music videos and social media content, the same rule applies utilising one or all of these elements. My goal is to create a unique, intuitive interaction where sound and image are intrinsically linked and never in opposition.







The freedom needed to achieve this is an organisational effort as much as it is a creative one. Preparation is key. My clients are encouraged to work through their footage before handover in order to provide a list of preferred selects. Additional film and audio references that best represent pacing will also help establish our creative baseline. From here,  I create an assembly edit.

Draft work is uploaded online via Vimeo, giving clients the ability to generate timestamped feedback on each scene, which not only increases response times, but avoids any miscommunication between multiple collaborators; Directors, Producers, Visual Effects artists etc.

Two revisions of your edit are included with each project, with face-to-face or Zoom options available to discuss details with more nuance. When approved, the work is exported as an ‘Offline’ edit, moving onto colouring, sound mixing and visual effects.

I work out of my home suite in Sydney, Australia and can send/receive projects worldwide. Would you like to collaborate on a project? Let's chat.

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