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Colour Grading

Whether it be a basic colour correction or an intensive creative grade, this is where your visuals come to life. Log or default picture profiles often look underwhelming on set or throughout an edit, but with the right tools, your project's look can finally be unlocked and overall feeling enhanced. From a clean commercial aesthetic, to something more layered and film-like, I can make it happen. Click below to see examples of both in a variety of scenarios.



My clients are encouraged to provide visual references that convey the look and emotion they'd like to achieve with their project. I then generate several key images from the footage with that look applied. The client will provide feedback and from there I complete a first pass on the entire edit.

Draft work is uploaded online via Vimeo, giving clients the ability to generate timestamped feedback on each shot, which not only increases response times for revisions, but avoids any miscommunication between multiple collaborators; Directors, Producers, Visual Effects artists etc.

Colour is often the last stop in the production pipeline, with sound mixes, titles and visual effects work being dropped into the project timeline before final 'Online' export. Two revisions are included with each project, with face-to-face or Zoom options available to coordinate details with more nuance.

I work out of my home suite in Sydney, Australia and can send/receive projects worldwide. Would you like to collaborate on a project? Let's chat..

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